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We provide different kinds of industrial heater which are specialized in custom design.
  • Industrial fan heaters BGO-30A

    Mobile air heater with IPX4
    1.With flame sensor
    2.If no oil heater will cut off the power
    3.Fixed oil display

  • IFH01/02H Series

    650/1300/2000/1650/3300/2500/5000W with fan
    -Heating Element:Stainless steel
    -Adjustable thermostat control
    -Overheat protection
    -With fan

  • Industrial fan heaters BGA-15H

    1.15kw gas forced heater
    2.function on propane gas
    3.with over-heating protection
    4.Ignition: piezo

  • IFH-C Series

    1500/3000/2500/5000/4500/9000W with handle
    -Adjustable thermostat control
    -Overheat protection
    -With handle
    -Fully meatl housing
    -Free stan...

  • Industrial fan heaters BG-E3B

    3000W New industrial air heater
    1.Over heat protection
    2.Full metal casing
    3.With fan
    4.Stainless steel heating element

  • IFH01/02H Series

    20KW/30KW with flame sensor
    Mobile air heater.
    Function on diesel oil or kerosene.
    Stainless steel conbustion chamber with fan cooling.

  • Industrial fan heaters BG-E3A

    1.230V 3000W waterproof electric fan heater
    2.adjustable thermostat control
    3.adjustable angle
    4.with CE,RoHs,GS

  • Industrial fan heaters BG-C30/3

    1.30kw large air outout Industrial fan heaters
    2.adjustable thermostat control
    3.overheat protection

  • Industrial fan heaters IFH05-50

    industrial fan hanging heater
    1.Fully metal housing
    2.adjustable thermostat control
    3.overheat protection
    4.full metal casin

  • Industrial fan heaters IFH03-90

    1.Overheat protection
    2.With fan and handle
    3.Whole metal casing
    4.Free standing

  • Industrial fan heaters IFH02-50CA

    1.industrial portable air cooler and heater
    2.Adjustable thermostat control
    3.Overheat protection
    4.With fan

  • FP200

    Freer ground heater. Power: 200/400W. 230V~50Hz, 200W This heater can be using in winter. when the temperature below 5℃, it would be automatic worki...